Andrea Toth

Andrea is a fresh communications graduate, a previous freelance writer and blogger. Living in Brussels she's currently a communications intern, writer and editor at MedTech Europe.

Family 12th December 2014

We need to talk about breast pumps

With all my prejudice (and because I never actually attended one) I imagine a hackathon something like this: a bunch of people sitting in a warehouse type of room for a weekend; gulping down litres of coffee; and hitting the ...

by Andrea Toth

In Your Head 27th November 2014

These brace-faced kids will make you laugh

The orthodontist’s chair is one of those universally feared places. No need to deny that. Cavities, drills, shoves and pulls; plenty of reasons to feel uneasy. When you’re hitting puberty, you get another reason to palpitate: braces. Let’...

by Andrea Toth

In Your Head 18th November 2014

Speech to text and sign to speech

“There’s not been any real innovation for those deaf who cannot speak . . .” says founder of Motionsavvy, Ryan Hait-Campbell. And I believe him. Because if there’s anyone who would know about revolutions for the deaf, it’s a tech-savvy ...

by Andrea Toth

Pure Tech 1st November 2014

If only implants could …

Implants have been around for decades now and have gradually walked the route of proving how indispensable they are. They established themselves in orthopaedics and dental offices and gradually started taking over new frontiers: becoming the new heart, eye or ...

by Andrea Toth

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