Gary Finnegan

Gary Finnegan is a freelance journalist contributing to health and business magazines. He has a BA in physiology and an MSc in science communication. He has been a magazine editor and newspaper columnist, and has written a book about China.

Family 9th December 2014

Meet the baby girl saved by ‘life support’

Wriggling around in her mother's arms, Ruby Munoz looks like any other 10-month-old child – alert, active and curious about the world. But when Ruby was six weeks of age, she suddenly became seriously ill and was rushed to hospital. Her ...

by Gary Finnegan

In Your Head 9th December 2014

Alzheimer’s – do you wanna know?

They call it the long goodbye. People with Alzheimer's disease slowly but surely slip away, losing their memory and, often, their personality. They forget their families, and their loved ones barely recognise the person they once knew. It begins with ...

by Gary Finnegan

Chronic Conditions 30th September 2014

My home, my dialysis

It's about freedom. Flexibility. Choice. People with kidney failure once had just two options: kidney transplantation or visiting a clinic for dialysis several times per week. Now that's changed. Even those suitable for transplantation usually could spend years on dialysis ...

by Gary Finnegan

Family 7th September 2014

Information-powered parenting

New gadgets allow you to check your kids’ vital signs without rushing to hospital You are awoken by your child’s cry. It’s 4.00am; the night is pitch dark and the street outside is silent and still. A fever, ...

by Gary Finnegan

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