Julia Alvarez Herraez

Julia Alvarez Herraez joined the Communications Team of MedTech Europe as a Content Strategist Trainee starting in August 2014.She received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism in 2011 and Master’s degree in International Relations and Contemporary European Studies in December 2013. 

Pure Tech 30th November 2014

Why MedTech goes viral

A young boy hears for the first time, a Boston Marathon bombing victim dances on her prosthetic leg. Amazing people with amazing stories. This is why MedTech goes viral. Few things in life can be as emotional as getting something ...

by Julia Alvarez Herraez

Family 28th October 2014

Why glaucoma is a family matter

Mark’s father has glaucoma. His grandma has glaucoma. Half of his uncles and aunts have glaucoma. And he might, too. But what is it, again? When Mark’s grandmother went to get her eyes checked, it was already too ...

by Julia Alvarez Herraez

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