Karen Finn

Karen spent the past 20+ years providing editorial services for leading B2B publications, large corporations, small businesses, individuals and students around the world. Her portfolio includes articles and business communications on pharmaceuticals, medical technology, healthcare policy, regulatory and legal systems, international trade and intellectual property. Her articles have been published in Scrip Regulatory Affairs, Clinica Medtech Intelligence, MedNous, SecuringPharma and International Trade Today, among others.

Chronic Conditions 16th December 2014

Living with dialysis, then and now

The thought of an artificial organ that’s keeping you alive from outside your body – literally carrying the blood through tubes from your body into a machine sitting next to you, which cleans it and then pumps it back into ...

by Karen Finn

Family 6th December 2014

When it comes to incubators, mother knows best

With around 10% of all babies in Europe born prematurely and many others born with an illness, it is inevitable that lots of parents will get the first glimpses and touches of their newborns through the walls of an incubator. Scientists ...

by Karen Finn