Karen Finn

Karen spent the past 20+ years providing editorial services for leading B2B publications, large corporations, small businesses, individuals and students around the world. Her portfolio includes articles and business communications on pharmaceuticals, medical technology, healthcare policy, regulatory and legal systems, international trade and intellectual property. Her articles have been published in Scrip Regulatory Affairs, Clinica Medtech Intelligence, MedNous, SecuringPharma and International Trade Today, among others.

Chronic Conditions 19th June 2017

The reality of life with Sickle Cell

“I think Sickle Cell is misunderstood because it's not a visible condition and it affects everyone differently,” says Chantelle Pierre, who was diagnosed with the genetic blood disorder at six months old as part of a routine blood test. “People ...

by Karen Finn

Pure Tech 19th May 2017

From psychologist to medtech pioneer

Spanish neuropsychologist Gema Climent was instantly drawn to virtual reality tools for evaluating patients after years of observing “paper and pencil tests that were not comparable to the problems people had in real life”. The finalist in the European Commission’...

by Karen Finn

Family 3rd May 2017

Maintaining your lifestyle with telehealth

When you’re a busy working mum with kidney failure, the last thing you have time for is dialysis in hospital three days a week. Lucy Ward was in this position until she found the perfect solution with remote monitoring. ...

by Karen Finn

Pure Tech 27th April 2017

Living and breathing innovation

From the time Claudia Gärtner was a little girl helping her dad with his business, she knew she would follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps. “I grew up with an engineer father who told me that I could be anything ...

by Karen Finn

Pure Tech 31st March 2017

This woman is rocking the medtech scene

Women represent only 30% of all entrepreneurs in Europe and medtech is a particularly difficult market to crack. But Mary Franzese isn’t letting this statistic hold her back. The 30-year-old Rising Innovator Award finalist is co-founder of an Italian start-up ...

by Karen Finn

In Your Head 15th March 2017

Mother-turned-mental health advocate

Regina Bisikiewicz didn’t start out intending to become a full-time mental health advocate. She just wanted her son to get better. From the moment her 18-year-old son had his first psychotic episode in 2005, the mother of four encountered a ...

by Karen Finn

Chronic Conditions 21st February 2017

Living in a scent-free world

Working in a restaurant is an unfortunate way to learn that you’ve lost your sense of smell, says Alahree McDonell. “I was around 19 at the time,” recalls Alahree of the day she realised, quite by accident, that she couldn’...

by Karen Finn

Bones, Joints & Muscles 31st January 2017

Getting a new knee at 73

When Peter Schmelter’s kneecap was shattered into five pieces in an accident 55 years ago, the only option was to stick them back together.  In 1962, total knee replacements - or TKRs - were still several years away and so Peter, ...

by Karen Finn