Laurel Kenner

Laurel is a veteran newswoman who finds inspiration in how people interact with technology, markets and government policy. She has worked as an editor for Politico and Bloomberg News. Her articles have been published by CNBC, Bloomberg, the Los Angeles Times, Copley Newspapers and The Associated Press.

Family 22nd December 2016

Medtech TV: The Holiday Watch List

Ready to escape the winter cold and curl up with a hot drink in front of the screen? Medtech can be very entertaining. Here are our totally unscientific recommendations for a TV marathon. Pick your mood, and we have the ...

by Laurel Kenner

Getting Checked 14th December 2016

Self-Tests Help Migrants Fight HIV

In the depths of America’s Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” His words ring true in today’s fight against HIV/AIDS, as social stigma still deters people from seeking ...

by Laurel Kenner