Cancer 3rd June 2024

Breathing in gratitude

Douglas Forbes is no stranger to medical technology. “I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 18 months old. As a young child, I was in and out of hospital with infections, which got more regular over time,” he tells This Is ...

by Comms Team

Cancer 30th October 2023

Reclaiming your confidence after breast cancer

Gabby Mottershead didn’t have a lump, but she knew instinctively that something wasn’t quite right. Nevertheless, it was a huge shock when a biopsy confirmed that she had inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). “While I was in denial at ...

by Karen Finn

Cancer 21st November 2022

Living through thyroid cancer

At 21, Jordan Ramsay got the news that would change her life forever. The mysterious lump that she’d noticed behind her ear a few years earlier was thyroid cancer. “Before my diagnosis, I didn’t know anyone my age who ...

by Karen Finn

Cancer 11th October 2022


Anita Tucker was 31 with a one-year-old baby when medical technology flagged that she needed a pacemaker. A few years later, med tech came to her aid again, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now 46, Anita has not only been ...

by Comms Team

Cancer 7th September 2021


When jewellery designer and lecturer Hannah Webb had a chest x-ray she thought nothing would come of it. Four years later, she recalls her diagnosis and journey to overcome non-Hodgkin lymphoma. “It was July 2017 and we were staying in a ...

by Comms Team

Cancer 15th February 2021

Surviving childhood cancer

Several years ago, Natasha Penney shared the story of her toddler Sebastian, who was diagnosed with a rare form of bladder cancer at 18 months old. Now the six-year-old is thriving. To mark International Childhood Cancer Day, This Is MedTech decided ...

by Karen Finn

Cancer 13th January 2021

Secondary breast cancer: a new way of living

Jo Taylor’s situation is something of a double-edged sword. She relies on continuous treatment for secondary breast cancer to maintain a good quality of life, but she doesn’t want that treatment to take over her life. “I was ...

by Karen Finn

Cancer 6th October 2020

When medtech gives you good news

To shine a light on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Karen Finn shares her story about the importance of breast screening. Last year, I was having some pain in my left breast and it felt like there were some physical changes, ...

by Karen Finn

Cancer 4th February 2020

The miracle kidney cancer survivor

When Dave deBronkart had an x-ray for shoulder pain, he received some unexpected news. “The doctor said: ‘Your shoulder is going to be fine, but there’s something in your lung – we’re going to need to do a CT ...

by Karen Finn

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