Family 1st October 2015

My daughter lost her leg in a bomb blast’

Hasan's daughters, Duaa and Shahd, were aged just one and four years old, respectively, when a rocket hit their house in Syria. Now doctors at a clinic in Jordan are working to rehabilitate them and hundreds of other victims of ...

by Gary Finnegan

Family 17th September 2015

The mum who’s making kids’ hearing aids cool

Sarah Ivermee couldn’t have imagined that she’d become an overnight sensation when she gave a friend’s 9-year-old daughter some flowery nail stickers to use for sprucing up the plain beige hearing aids that she was embarrassed to ...

by Karen Finn

Family 10th September 2015

Dramatic birth: from joy to panic and back

After 54 hours of labour, Jenny Rose Ryan was exhausted. Cradling her baby boy, she began to relax for the first time in more than two days. But this, believe it or not, was just the beginning her epic story. "Before ...

by Gary Finnegan

Family 19th May 2015

Has your diabetic kid been bullied?

They've been called 'fat', 'lazy', and even labelled as 'drug addicts'. Kids living with diabetes can be subjected to bullying and discrimination leaving them feeling depressed and isolated. Children – and sometimes their parents – are made to feel guilty or ashamed ...

by Gary Finnegan

Family 15th May 2015

Wide hips aren’t worse for getting around

Two physical features, among others, make humans unique: our way of walking and running upright on two legs, and our newborn babies’ very large heads. Those two traits of humanity meet at the pelvis, a set of bones that includes ...

by Kate Becker

Family 10th May 2015

What it’s like to be a mum with hepatitis

“Being a mum can be stressful at the best of times, but when you have hepatitis, there’s an added layer of worry that most people don’t even know about,” says Natalia Jeleva, who’s been carrying the hepatitis ...

by Karen Finn

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