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3rd October 2014

Eyes, ears, nose or a skull? Can you 3D print an entire human face?

Ancient (and not-so-ancient) prostheses like  the glass eyes of the 1800s and wrought iron arms of the middle ages did nothing more than cover up problems, doing very little to actually solve them. Today, it’s about much more than that.

Prostheses and implants do change lives, bionic eyes help the blind see, nose and ear implants come to the aide of those with genetic disorders…even entire faces can be reconstructed after terrible accidents.

With 3D printing spreading wide, custom-made implants anywhere on the body are now becoming reality.

What’s next?

Basically anything. Scientists have started building kidneys, constructing artificial blood, and printing skin and spinal implants. It won’t be long before even the most complicated internal organs could be custom-replicated.

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