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29th August 2014

Family planning switched ON or OFF…through Wi-Fi

Birth control is one of those ever-green topics. Everyone deals with it, and everyone has an opinion about it. So coming up with some new high-tech in contraception is bound to receive publicity.

Especially if it’s like this one.

MicroChips, working together with MIT developed a tiny chip which can be implanted under the arm or the abdomen and serves as a contraceptive for up to 16 years. It releases a hormone into the body, levonorgestrel (used in common contraceptive pills, morning afters and such) each and every day and once you decide on stopping it you can switch it off with the push of a button. And then switch it on again.

That’s all you need to do. Convenience factor? Check. Global dimension? Sure. Bill and Melinda Gates are up for it with 4.6 million USD in their mission to provide accessible and convenient contraceptives in developing countries. Long-term? Very. Researchers claim it will be 100% functional for 16 years without you having to go for replacement to your gynaecologist. That’s 3 times longer than any current implantable option.

Hacker-safe? Let’s hope so. The remote control is said to work only if it touches the skin near the implant.

Available as of 2018.

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Photo Credit: Steven Greenberg/Flickr

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