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15th October 2014

Get your next eye exam on a smartphone

Getting your eyes checked in rural Kenya isn’t easy. So many people don’t do it. Maybe this can change now.

Rather than waiting for patients to show up at clinics, it is much more effective to go to them, wherever they are. With a bike, a smartphone, and a solar-powered backpack, it is possible.

Take peek (portable eye examination kit), a software available on a smartphone, which can check your eyes just as well as more traditional..and more cumbersome equipment.

And then there’s this: a super high resolution camera that can be clipped onto a smartphone, basically taking pictures of your retina to find out what exactly is causing poor vision and to stop diseases before they develop into sight loss. These pictures can be easily sent to experts anywhere around the world who can make accurate diagnoses, and contribute to preventing or curing blindness.

“It’s only in statistics that people go blind by the millions. The reality is everyone goes blind on their own. But now they might just be a text message away from help”

Let Andrew Bastawrous talk you through it.

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Photo credits:TED, Peek

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