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21st April 2015

Keeping diabetes in check! How to make it a game for kids

When young children are diagnosed with diabetes, the news can be shocking both for them and their families. Yet, once the initial worry has passed, getting into the daily routine of testing and shots can even be a laugh…

The path usually starts with doctors explaining the diagnosis and symptoms in ways that are informative to parents and accessible to children. There are numerous online sources of information that can help too. Check out this little video for an animated explanation of the causes of diabetes.

Next comes understanding how to manage insulin levels. There are a number of options today which didn’t exist ten years ago. Between insulin pumps and three-second testing devices, managing diabetes has become much easier than ever before. Having a healthy diet is also essential in managing the disease. A wealth of online tools can help children learn about sugar in food and understand how their body works.

Check out this easy game by KidsHealth to teach your child about which foods contain more sugar and to estimate the amount of carbs

And while pricking your child with a tester or a needle is never fun, most kids take it in stride. Brave little four year old Connor, even outdid his parents when he used the insulin kit by himself for the first time… and he even wanted to “get a lot of blood”.

Of course none of us want to see our babies on blood testing and syringes every day, but diabetes is manageable, and can be done so in a light hearted manner.

By the way, for all those in doubt… it’s diabetes, not diabetUs. Just ask #KidPresident

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