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5th April 2016

Meet the 10-year-old blogger who refuses to let leukaemia get him down

Felix Brown is a football-mad kid from Bournemouth who received some bad news in January. It was a terrible shock for his entire family but Felix has reacted with wit, positivity and valuable insights – becoming a social media superstar in the process.

The Diary of Mr Felix Brown was launched in February and has become a viral hit, allowing Felix to grab headlines in national newspapers in the UK – and helping him deal with a turbulent few months.

His cheeky account of daily life with leukaemia reveals a good-humoured person living through a host of challenges – chemotherapy, infection, hair loss, bloating…and even mundane chores such as maths homework.

Along the way, he has managed to poke fun at his concerned mother, his balding (and concerned) father and, of course, his siblings:

“I’m loving doing this blogging – it really helps. Even more pleased to have more likes and followers than my sister!”

But jokes aside, Felix’s journey has had plenty of twists and turns in just a few short months.

For kids like Felix, swapping computer games for a world of medication, tubes and monitors is unpleasant. The journey begins with diagnosis: blood tests and bone marrow biopsies help doctors to tell whether a child has the disease and determine what kind of leukaemia they have.

Then comes the treatment. Felix has in hospital for bouts of chemotherapy – during which he has watched football matches on his high-tech hospital monitor.

He has endured infections which have made him feel rotten – and landed him in hospital for a couple of days – posting poignant photos from his hospital bed.

But he has a great habit of bouncing back with his own unique observations on life as a young leukaemia patient.

“When I had my bloods done this afternoon, the mix in the syringe really reminded me of the lava lamp at home!”

Felix is still at the beginning of what could be a long road to recovery but, having caught the world’s attention by the sheer force of his personality, he can be sure that millions of people are cheering for him.

Get well soon Felix.

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