Getting Checked 22nd January 2016

Lying to save her daughter’s life

When doctors missed her three-year-old’s brain cancer, Amanda decided she had to do whatever it takes to get a diagnosis for her child. Amanda Davies knew something was wrong. Over the course of a year, her daughter, Lil, had ...

by Gary Finnegan

In Your Head 12th January 2016

Ignorance is not always bliss

The stigma and misunderstanding that surround mental illness in developing countries leads to humiliation and hardship. Maurilia’s family had tied a rope around her neck to restrain her after a series of aggressive outbursts. Once a healthy and active ...

by Gary Finnegan

Pure Tech 8th January 2015

Pedal your way to a blood centrifuge

Low-tech solutions for developing countries rank pretty high on my ‘cool medtech’ list. Lever-powered wheelchairs, origami microscopes, vinegar based cancer strip tests. They’re all disrupting the idea that medical devices are flashy, high-end bulky, and of course expensive. The ...

by Andrea Toth

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