Getting Checked 29th June 2017

The contact lens that lives inside the eye

Carina had been wearing glasses or contacts since she was a kid. Now, artificial lenses implanted in her eye give her the freedom to enjoy life – and her work (as an optician!) [caption id="attachment_1942" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo credits: ...

by Comms Team

Family 14th December 2014

Your baby’s first tests and checks

The first cry, the first time you lock eyes, the first smile. From the moment you knew you're pregnant to the first time you can see and feel your baby in your hands, a whole new set of "firsts" start ...

by Andrea Toth

Family 28th October 2014

Why glaucoma is a family matter

Mark’s father has glaucoma. His grandma has glaucoma. Half of his uncles and aunts have glaucoma. And he might, too. But what is it, again? When Mark’s grandmother went to get her eyes checked, it was already too ...

by Julia Alvarez Herraez

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