Cardio 28th September 2016

3D printed heart saved little Mia’s life

Replica heart sparked surgical breakthrough – could doctors print living organs next? Her parents hoped she had asthma. Little Mia was often out of breath and picked up respiratory infections often than other children – coughs, colds and even pneumonia. But while ...

by Gary Finnegan

Cancer 24th May 2016

Electronic records can help to beat cancer

Europe must make it easier to connect the dots between cancer patients’ health records. Information is power. But unless health information is recorded and shared, it is impossible for doctors to make informed decisions about patient care. There is a ...

by Gary Finnegan

Chronic Conditions 9th February 2016

The superbugs are coming

Have you ever taken antibiotics for a viral infection? Every time we misuse antibiotics we take another step backwards – undoing decades of medical progress and risking the lives of seriously ill people in our communities. Meet Sharon Brennan. Sharon has ...

by Gary Finnegan

Family 10th November 2015

How gene editing saved a little girl’s life

Layla’s parents never expected their baby girl to become the poster child for a life-saving new blood cancer treatment. They just wanted her to get better. Having exhausted all treatment options including chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, doctors ...

by Karen Finn