Pure Tech 2nd June 2016

Floating hospital saves lives on the seas

A former oil tanker with 700 doctors, 5,000 units of blood and 12 operating rooms, this ship is as well-equipped as a large hospital The sheer size of the USNS Comfort and its sister ship, the Mercy is impressive: they are as high ...

by Gary Finnegan

Cardio 31st March 2016

The price of life

A nine-year-old girl from Bangladesh needs a €5,000 heart operation but her family’s income is just €70 per month. Now a charity is stepping in to provide less-invasive surgery – for free Fima has a hole in her heart. It causes palpitations ...

by Gary Finnegan

Chronic Conditions 23rd March 2016

Turning the tide against TB

TB kills three people per second. In small towns like Firozabad, the dreaded lung disease is a hazard of daily life – but there is reason for hope The Indian town of Firozabad hosts a network of small family business making ...

by Gary Finnegan

Chronic Conditions 9th February 2016

The superbugs are coming

Have you ever taken antibiotics for a viral infection? Every time we misuse antibiotics we take another step backwards – undoing decades of medical progress and risking the lives of seriously ill people in our communities. Meet Sharon Brennan. Sharon has ...

by Gary Finnegan

In Your Head 12th January 2016

Ignorance is not always bliss

The stigma and misunderstanding that surround mental illness in developing countries leads to humiliation and hardship. Maurilia’s family had tied a rope around her neck to restrain her after a series of aggressive outbursts. Once a healthy and active ...

by Gary Finnegan

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