Family 10th May 2016

When your immune system turns on you

When Anne Charlet’s teenage daughter complained of extreme fatigue, she thought it was just end-of-school year tiredness or anaemia. But a precautionary blood test that revealed an unusually low platelet count led to a completely unexpected diagnosis several months ...

by Karen Finn

Cancer 28th April 2016

Telling the kids you’ve got cancer

What happens when you’re a parent and you get a cancer diagnosis? Explaining it to the kids will probably be the hardest part of the journey. That was certainly the case for Katherine Simpson-Jacobs, who had to come to ...

by Karen Finn

Getting Checked 11th April 2016

A life lost to sepsis every 3½ seconds

Diagnosing sepsis within the ‘Golden Hour’ offers the best chance of surviving a potentially lethal condition In 2005, Dr. Ron Daniels was working in the intensive care unit at the hospital where he had trained. As he walked into the ward ...

by Gary Finnegan

Chronic Conditions 23rd March 2016

Turning the tide against TB

TB kills three people per second. In small towns like Firozabad, the dreaded lung disease is a hazard of daily life – but there is reason for hope The Indian town of Firozabad hosts a network of small family business making ...

by Gary Finnegan

Chronic Conditions 9th March 2016

A shout out to kids & their kidneys

Not many kids will know that today is World Kidney Day, but Lily Letchford does. She’s been raising funds for research into children’s kidney disease since she was six. “World Kidney Day supports those with kidney problems like ...

by Karen Finn

Cancer 4th February 2016

Celebrating the end of cancer

For Sophie, New Year’s Eve was as much an “I don’t have cancer anymore” party as it was a celebration of her 18th birthday. To mark World Cancer Day, This Is Medtech shares Sophie’s tribute to 2016 and ...

by Karen Finn

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