Family 17th September 2015

The mum who’s making kids’ hearing aids cool

Sarah Ivermee couldn’t have imagined that she’d become an overnight sensation when she gave a friend’s 9-year-old daughter some flowery nail stickers to use for sprucing up the plain beige hearing aids that she was embarrassed to ...

by Karen Finn

Pure Tech 13th November 2014

Ultrasound Powers Devices Deep Inside The Body

Researchers would like to place very small implants deep inside our bodies to monitor health or treat pain. But providing electric power to implants without wires or batteries has been a big obstacle. Now, engineers are developing a way to ...

by Tom Abate

Pure Tech 1st November 2014

If only implants could …

Implants have been around for decades now and have gradually walked the route of proving how indispensable they are. They established themselves in orthopaedics and dental offices and gradually started taking over new frontiers: becoming the new heart, eye or ...

by Andrea Toth

In Your Head 31st August 2014

Electronic eye sensor watches out for glaucoma

Researchers have designed a high-tech, low-power sensor that can be placed permanently in a person’s eye to track hard-to-measure changes in pressure and monitor for diseases like glaucoma. The sensor would be embedded with an artificial lens during cataract ...

by Michelle Ma

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