Cancer 6th October 2014

Screening for cancer with vinegar and sunlight

From single-serve sachets of shampoo to micro-finance, industries of various sorts have adapted to the special needs of low-resource settings who usually live on less than $2.50 a day. Making shampoo affordable seems easy enough, but what about cancer screenings? Companies ...

by Andrea Toth

Pure Tech 25th September 2014

Homemade medtech that actually works

How complicated is medical technology? Very. But does it have to be that way? Sure, there are ‘simple’ technologies out there as well, like the origami microscope or the vinegar cancer test. But how many of us mortals could come ...

by Andrea Toth

Chronic Conditions 2nd September 2014

A cheap all-terrain wheelchair

A faster, cheaper wheelchair could mean more mobility for the 40 million people across the world who need wheels, but can't afford them. Amos Winter might just be the next guy I fall for. He’s jovial, he’s passionate, he’...

by Andrea Toth

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