Bones, Joints & Muscles 20th October 2016

Rebuilding broken bones

Sports injuries, car accidents and disease – there are lots of reasons why bones can break. Now researchers are dreaming up new ways to heal and protect people of all ages When a 13-year-old child limped into the offices of Professor ...

by Gary Finnegan

Pure Tech 4th December 2014

5 people rocking the amputee hashtag on instagram

Sharing is celebrating. Parts of our lives that were at one time (say 15 years ago) rarely spoken of are now the focal points of our social profiles and that's awesome. Canadian Kassidi Struwwelpeeter happily fields questions from her fellow instagrammers ...

by Gael Bassetto

Pure Tech 30th November 2014

Why MedTech goes viral

A young boy hears for the first time, a Boston Marathon bombing victim dances on her prosthetic leg. Amazing people with amazing stories. This is why MedTech goes viral. Few things in life can be as emotional as getting something ...

by Julia Alvarez Herraez

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