Family 15th May 2015

Wide hips aren’t worse for getting around

Two physical features, among others, make humans unique: our way of walking and running upright on two legs, and our newborn babies’ very large heads. Those two traits of humanity meet at the pelvis, a set of bones that includes ...

by Kate Becker

Family 14th December 2014

Your baby’s first tests and checks

The first cry, the first time you lock eyes, the first smile. From the moment you knew you're pregnant to the first time you can see and feel your baby in your hands, a whole new set of "firsts" start ...

by Andrea Toth

Family 12th December 2014

We need to talk about breast pumps

With all my prejudice (and because I never actually attended one) I imagine a hackathon something like this: a bunch of people sitting in a warehouse type of room for a weekend; gulping down litres of coffee; and hitting the ...

by Andrea Toth

Family 6th December 2014

When it comes to incubators, mother knows best

With around 10% of all babies in Europe born prematurely and many others born with an illness, it is inevitable that lots of parents will get the first glimpses and touches of their newborns through the walls of an incubator. Scientists ...

by Karen Finn

Family 16th October 2014

Nothing can replace a motherly hug – or can it?

The german Hohenstein Institute set out to make incubators for preterm babies more, well...motherly. So they created an 'artifical womb'. Stories like this leave me in awe. And my admiration is for nature usually: how very specifically and carefully ...

by Andrea Toth

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