Family 1st October 2015

My daughter lost her leg in a bomb blast’

Hasan's daughters, Duaa and Shahd, were aged just one and four years old, respectively, when a rocket hit their house in Syria. Now doctors at a clinic in Jordan are working to rehabilitate them and hundreds of other victims of ...

by Gary Finnegan

Pure Tech 15th September 2015

5 questions for Rebekah Marine

Born without a forearm, Rebekah Marine has defied convention by taking the fashion industry by storm. This Is MedTech caught up with the ‘bionic model’ fresh from her second turn on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. How big ...

by Gary Finnegan

Pure Tech 4th December 2014

5 people rocking the amputee hashtag on instagram

Sharing is celebrating. Parts of our lives that were at one time (say 15 years ago) rarely spoken of are now the focal points of our social profiles and that's awesome. Canadian Kassidi Struwwelpeeter happily fields questions from her fellow instagrammers ...

by Gael Bassetto

Pure Tech 25th September 2014

Homemade medtech that actually works

How complicated is medical technology? Very. But does it have to be that way? Sure, there are ‘simple’ technologies out there as well, like the origami microscope or the vinegar cancer test. But how many of us mortals could come ...

by Andrea Toth

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