Family 19th May 2015

Has your diabetic kid been bullied?

They've been called 'fat', 'lazy', and even labelled as 'drug addicts'. Kids living with diabetes can be subjected to bullying and discrimination leaving them feeling depressed and isolated. Children – and sometimes their parents – are made to feel guilty or ashamed ...

by Gary Finnegan

Cancer 12th May 2015

How a 10-month-old beat a rare cancer

Instead of planning her daughter’s first birthday, Raakhee Mirchandani thought about her funeral. Satya, her cherub-cheeked 10-month-old, had just been diagnosed with cancer. Satya Devi Singh – whose name translates to “Truth Goddess Lion” – was a happy, calm baby. As ...

by Mariellen Brown

Getting Checked 22nd April 2015

A parents’ dilemma

New gadgets allow you to check your kids’ vital signs without rushing to hospital Have you ever been awoken in the middle of the night by your child's cry? I know I have. They wake because they are hungry. Or ...

by Gary Finnegan

Chronic Conditions 14th April 2015

When asthma attacks

Imagine gasping for breath and trying not to panic. You're wheezing, coughing, trying to breath because your life depends on it. Peopling living with asthma know how it feels when an attack begins. They know the fear. They know the ...

by Gary Finnegan