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22nd September 2014

Teens tell the world about everyday “diabetic problems”

You’ll never be as outspoken and blunt as when you are a teenager. That’s a personal opinion. And when it comes to living with diabetes, who needs sugar-coating?

There might be a time when stigmas are gone and we will re-evaluate what disability means and treat each other as equals. We’re not quite there yet.

What these kids are doing is using techniques they know best to give us a hint to how they lead their everyday lives with diabetes. And they will definitely make you smile … and think a bit.

Can’t go wrong

Alexa is just plain funny. She has a couple more vines up there about everyday diabetic problems (as she calls them), each is well worth seven seconds of your life.

So really, what do you do?

So typical? Real? Harsh? Smells like teen spirit.

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Photo Credit: Ginny/ Flickr