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17th May 2018

“The surgery saved me, it’s a rebirth!” Testimony of Betul, 33 years old

I have been obese since my childhood. For family reasons, I could not benefit from an appropriate care. I suffered from stigmatization, I wore clothes that fit me but which I did not like and, to hide my face, I never tied my hair. Later, obesity affected my intimate life.

I was operated for the first time in 2009 with the fitting of a gastric band, then in 2013 for a bypass (after removal of the gastric band). I lost 50% of my weight in 5 years, which may seem quite long but these pounds have settled throughout my life, so they were not going to disappear magically! Unlike the first surgery where the follow-up was missing, I’ve continued to consult the medical team that has supported me since 2013 and which I trust.

I had the chance to meet Poids Plume, a patients’ association, and more particularly the President, Claudine Canale, who informed me about this disease and made me understand that obesity was a chronic disease that requires to be informed and well accompanied, hence the importance of being supported by a multidisciplinary team.

Even if I had complications following the procedure including a pleural effusion, I consider that this operation saved me and allowed me to be reborn. In my family, we have a history of diabetes, cholesterol, stroke and premature death, and my obesity posed a significant risk to my health.

Beyond the medical aspect, I feel much better in my body and, more generally, in my life. I look younger than before! Reconstructive surgery also helped me. And now, I finally wear clothes that I like. Even if my working hours do not allow me to play sports, I walk regularly.

Follow-up is absolutely essential. I do sophrology and I am in regular contact with my psychologist who helps me in this journey because surgery is not a miracle.

I’ve adapted my way of eating and I take vitamins daily. This is essential and although it may be a cost, I am convinced that it is better to make that choice than to afford something useless.

The Poids Plume association, which I belong to, has helped me a lot and now I try to help the people around me by sharing my experience and giving them some advice. One of them: do not talk about diet because it instantly conveys restriction and you can have fun while adopting a healthy food hygiene.

It is important for me to bring back the support I received!


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