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18th December 2014

Time to stare at prostheses: because they’re beautiful

Designer prosthetics. Take a minute to let that sink in.

Now, when you can 3D print prosthetics for under $30 or get the latest high-tech for thousands, it’s quite apparent that there’s a whole new way to approach artificial limbs. It’s also hard to argue about the technical innovations: how they can grip and pinch and touch and turn is crucial in improving the lives for those who’ve lost a limb.

What about the looks?

You don’t really have to be an amputee to fathom that a prosthesis is as personal as an object can be. And as cool as bionic limbs get, their outlook might not be that exact match with your personality.

Enter state of the art legs.

Perhaps one of the highlights of this year’s Toronto Fashion Week was when marathon runner Amy Winters entered the catwalk. She did so with a sleek prosthetic cover designed by Canadian designer studio Alleles. And she was gorgeous.

Credit: Chris Young / The Canadian Press

Bespoke Innovations, founded by award-winning industrial designer Scott Summit creates covers for existing prostheses, custom-fit for the wearer. They use beautiful materials, colours, graphics, and textures to make the limb as personal as can be. And as I look at this picture I can’t think of any other word than “chic”.

Credit: Bespoke Innovations

Aviya Serfaty is a young designer graduate from Israel and ’Outfeet’ was actually her graduation project. Fair to say, by now it has grown into something much more.

Not only has she created designer prosthetics, she made them specifically for women, following the unique ergonomics of the female body.

“Outfeet doesn’t try to imitate or compete with the leg; however, it is designed and shaped in order to show consideration to the female’s body and curves.” Aviya told O&P Business News.

The basic layer can be fitted with a day, an evening and a sports layer.

Very feminine and very much needed.

Credit: Aviya Serfaty

The alternative limb project proposes 3 options for their clients: real, surreal, and unreal. “To blend in with the body or stand out as a unique piece of art”.

From the most realistic silicone coatings with freckles and creases, to amazingly detailed floral designs and embedded jewels it’s pretty much as state of the art as prostheses get.

Credit: alternative limb project

Next time I’m walking down the street and I see one of these, I’ll definitely give it a stare. Because they’re beautiful.

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Header Photo Credit: Fotolia

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