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9th February 2015

Watch these teenage girls celebrate their braces

Remember those braces you had to wear when you were younger? Or how you felt when your dentist suggested that you should get them in your thirties?

Only the thought of smiling in public was terrible; hiding those metallic devices attached to your teeth was priority number one. Well, this has changed now.

Today’s braced teenagers can be divided into two opposed groups: the ones who want to hide them thanks to the so-called “incognito braces,” and the ones who are so proud of opting to customize them. How? Choices go from golden colours to sapphires, emeralds or diamonds. The flashier, the better. There’s plenty to choose from.

A new trend seems to be arising, indeed. Many people debate themselves between purchasing braces with one or another gem (sapphire- and diamond-like stones seem to be the most popular ones) or golden braces. And they like to show them off. A more affordable option is to simply customise your braces by colouring them with less expensive materials, but by still maintaining the requisite level of “bling.”

Are we kidding? No, we are not. Even on the Internet, loads of teenagers are showing off their customized looks on social networks like Pinterest, Youtube or and Facebook. Let’s be honest. If people will notice them anyway, why not pump up the style factor?

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Photo credit: Fotolia

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