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12th March 2015

When kids get glasses before their first birthday

I don’t think there’s anything more adorable than kids with glasses. It probably started when I saw Jerry Maguire…

Photo: Jonathan Lipnicki

I got my first pair of glasses when I was 7. And I was absolutely thrilled about it. Though it seems to be an unwritten rule that I should’ve been embarrassed and annoyed and hate the whole idea as it is. I still remember the walk home from the optician, holding my mother’s hand and sliding my glasses up and down my nose, fascinated at how clearly I could see. I was happy to have my glasses.

For one, I could see properly. And they also looked pretty cool. My first pair lasted for about 6 months, and the next five pairs lasted about half that long.

Everyone has a different reaction to the first time they put their glasses on, and what inspires more joy than watching a baby try on glasses?

Like Lucas, who is so taken aback that he even lets go of the pacifier.

Or this 3-month old baby girl’s first LOL moment as her mother fits her with her pretty pink goggles.

Well, sometimes it isn’t too easy, keeping them in place.

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Photo Credit: Marco/Flickr

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