Family 20th July 2016

Stolen childhoods: preventing teenage pregnancy

In some parts of Mexico, adolescents routinely find themselves rushed into parenthood To some, they are ‘runaway brides’ eloping in search of adventure and a new life. To others, they are children pressured into motherhood long before they are mature ...

by Gary Finnegan

Family 7th March 2016

Saving babies in the womb

Doctors gave Hope Rollings a 10-20% chance of survival even before she was born. Today, the lively toddler is about to celebrate her 3rd birthday, thanks to life-saving surgery she had while still in the womb. At her 20-week scan, ...

by Karen Finn

Family 10th September 2015

Dramatic birth: from joy to panic and back

After 54 hours of labour, Jenny Rose Ryan was exhausted. Cradling her baby boy, she began to relax for the first time in more than two days. But this, believe it or not, was just the beginning her epic story. "Before ...

by Gary Finnegan

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