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Alice Barker

At the age of twelve months, Alice Barker was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. She has never let that circumstance ... 

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Amy Rogers

Amy is a former MD turned writer/blogger/content strategist. She's the founder of Smarty Pants Media and works as content guru ... 

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Andrea Toth

Andrea is a fresh communications graduate, a previous freelance writer and blogger. Living in Brussels she's currently a communications intern, ... 

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Anita Srikameswaran

I've worked in media relations at UPMC since 2008. I cover basic and translational research across the University of Pittsburgh ... 

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Betina Kiefer Alonso

Betina worked with the German International Development Agency (GIZ) in Brussels  and as a Project Secretary for a European Commission ... 

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Brett Kobie

Brett is a Brussels-based writer and communicator with a history in Cleveland and New York. He is part of the ... 

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Catharine June

Catharine is a communications specialist at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ECE Division of the University of Michigan.  

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Ciara Byrne

Ciara Byrne is a technology journalist currently writing mainly for Fast Company. Her work has appeared in Forbes, VentureBeat, O’ Reilly Radar, Techcrunch and The New ... 

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David Ruth

David is Director of National Media Relations at Rice University.  

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Gael Bassetto

Gael is a writer and digital communicator passionate about tech and healthcare, and their impact on people's lives. He is ... 

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Gareth John


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Gary Finnegan

Gary Finnegan is a freelance journalist contributing to health and business magazines. He has a BA in physiology and an ... 

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Holly Lambert

Holly is a Communications specialist in the College of Education & Human Development at Texas A&M University. She produces content for ... 

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Jill Pease

Jill heads up public relations for the University of Florida's College of Public Health and Health Professions. Read more about ... 

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John Toon

John Toon is manager of the Georgia Tech Research News & Publications Office and editor of Georgia Tech’s Research Horizons magazine. He ... 

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Julia Alvarez Herraez

Julia Alvarez Herraez joined the Communications Team of MedTech Europe as a Content Strategist Trainee starting in August 2014.She received ... 

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Karen Finn

Karen spent the past 20+ years providing editorial services for leading B2B publications, large corporations, small businesses, individuals and students around the world. Her portfolio ... 

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Laurel Kenner

Laurel is a veteran newswoman who finds inspiration in how people interact with technology, markets and government policy. She has ... 

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Lauren Nelson

Lauren is communications coordinator at John Hopkins Medicine (Maryland, US) and contributes regularly to Futurity.org.  

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Liam Carmichael

Liam is father, civil engineer and sometimes writer. He lives in Galway, Ireland. 

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Maddy Savage

Maddy Savage is a British journalist based in Stockholm. As well as editing Sweden's largest English-language digital newspaper The Local ... 

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Mariellen Brown

Mariellen is a designer, yoga instructor, and most importantly, mother of two wild ones. She lives and plays in Ithaca, ... 

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Megan Fellman

Megan Fellman is science and engineering editor at the NorthWestern University and contributes regularly to Futurity.org.  

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Michelle Ma

Michelle covers engineering, technology and computer sciences with the University of Washington's news office,  

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Sarah Campbell

A Kansas City native, Sarah studies at the University of Missouri, where she will graduate with degrees in journalism and ... 

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Shweta Kulkarni Van Biesen

Shweta is a wife and a mother of two little ones. She currently lives in Belgium.  

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Tom Abate

Tom writes about research and other activities of the 250 faculty and 5,300 students of the nine departments that comprise ... 

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