Karen Finn

Karen spent the past 20+ years providing editorial services for leading B2B publications, large corporations, small businesses, individuals and students around the world. Her portfolio includes articles and business communications on pharmaceuticals, medical technology, healthcare policy, regulatory and legal systems, international trade and intellectual property. Her articles have been published in Scrip Regulatory Affairs, Clinica Medtech Intelligence, MedNous, SecuringPharma and International Trade Today, among others.

Chronic Conditions 3rd December 2023

Finding light in the darkness

The challenges that Natasha Price has faced over the past 15 years would be insurmountable for most people, but becoming blind and paralysed has only made her stronger. On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, she tells This Is MedTech about ...

by Karen Finn

Cancer 30th October 2023

Reclaiming your confidence after breast cancer

Gabby Mottershead didn’t have a lump, but she knew instinctively that something wasn’t quite right. Nevertheless, it was a huge shock when a biopsy confirmed that she had inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). “While I was in denial at ...

by Karen Finn

Family 14th June 2023

“It’s so simple, but so clever”

This is how Laura Fricker describes the two blood transfusions that saved her son’s life while she was still carrying him in her womb. “When I was about 15 weeks pregnant with Sebby, my daughter came down with slapped cheek ...

by Karen Finn

Family 26th April 2023

Celebrating your C-section

Like most expectant mothers, Fiona Oakes planned to birth her children vaginally. However, it soon became apparent that a caesarean section, or C-section, would be necessary. To mark Caesarean Awareness Month, she shares her story with This Is MedTech. Medical ...

by Karen Finn

Family 28th February 2023

Shining a light on rare disease

When Veronica Popa learned that her baby had a rare genetic syndrome and wasn’t expected to live past two years old, she refused to give up hope. Here she shares her story with This Is MedTech to raise awareness ...

by Karen Finn

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