Chronic Conditions 25th May 2024

The importance of early diagnosis

Pritpal Kaur was a healthy and active 72-year-old when she suddenly started experiencing pain across her ribs. It was the first in a series of symptoms that led to an unexpected cancer diagnosis. She shares her story below to raise ...

by Comms Team

Chronic Conditions 7th May 2024

Living with severe asthma

Rachel Murray has seen many advances in asthma treatment over the years, but her biggest hope is that people will understand how serious the condition is. She shares her story with This Is MedTech on World Asthma Day. “I’d ...

by Karen Finn

Chronic Conditions 3rd March 2024

The Power of Hearing

Picture by Caroline White When Katie Grant started having hearing difficulties in her early 50s, she was in denial. She reluctantly got hearing aids and was amazed at the transformation that followed. To raise awareness on World Hearing Day, she ...

by Karen Finn

Chronic Conditions 28th February 2024

Uniting for change on Rare Disease Day

It’s been a long but rewarding journey for Iuliana Dumitriu, whose 9-year-old son Victor has a rare genetic disorder called Coffin-Lowry syndrome. Now she’s helping other families by connecting them and raising awareness around the world. “When Victor ...

by Karen Finn

Chronic Conditions 3rd December 2023

Finding light in the darkness

The challenges that Natasha Price has faced over the past 15 years would be insurmountable for most people, but becoming blind and paralysed has only made her stronger. On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, she tells This Is MedTech about ...

by Karen Finn

Chronic Conditions 3rd December 2021

Brittle bones, unbreakable spirit

Sam Renke has been challenging misconceptions about disability since she was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), or brittle bone condition, shortly after her birth. “I was born with multiple fractures and I actually fractured in ...

by Karen Finn

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