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Pure Tech 16th June 2022


Equipped with wearables, smart scales and apps, Global Liver Institute’s Founder, President & CEO Donna Cryer feels empowered to manage her day-to-day health and partner with her doctors in her healthcare. Following her inspirational story on This Is MedTech – ...

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Getting Checked 1st December 2021


“The thing people are surprised about is how little living with HIV impacts my life,” says CEO of NAM aidsmap, Matthew Hodson. With a full schedule, leading one of the world’s foremost sources of HIV information and sharing his ...

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In Your Head 27th October 2021

A life of adventure after stroke

When Paul McLean suffered a severe stroke at the age of 40 his chances didn’t look good. Thanks to an innovative procedure enabled by medical technology, Paul is now embracing a life filled with adventure and is enjoying watching his ...

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Bones, Joints & Muscles 8th October 2021

Raising the bar on talipes

When international high-jumper Jonathan Broom-Edwards was diagnosed with talipes equinovarus at birth, his mum worried it would hold him back. As he took gold at the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo, he showed just what can be achieved with talipes. “It was ...

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Getting Checked 16th September 2021

Power Over Sepsis

“Knowledge is power,” says 23-year-old graduate Poppy Downes. “I had no idea what sepsis was when I developed symptoms at a dance festival four years ago. It just shows how important it is to be educated about it.” “It was ...

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Cancer 7th September 2021


When jewellery designer and lecturer Hannah Webb had a chest x-ray she thought nothing would come of it. Four years later, she recalls her diagnosis and journey to overcome non-Hodgkin lymphoma. “It was July 2017 and we were staying in a ...

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Chronic Conditions 15th July 2021

Embracing life after Hepatitis C

Karen Hoyt had no idea that there was anything wrong with her liver when her feet started swelling one day while she was riding her bike. A high school teacher, adjunct professor and community volunteer with many active hobbies, Karen ...

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