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Cancer 3rd June 2024

Breathing in gratitude

Douglas Forbes is no stranger to medical technology. “I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 18 months old. As a young child, I was in and out of hospital with infections, which got more regular over time,” he tells This Is ...

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Chronic Conditions 25th May 2024

The importance of early diagnosis

Pritpal Kaur was a healthy and active 72-year-old when she suddenly started experiencing pain across her ribs. It was the first in a series of symptoms that led to an unexpected cancer diagnosis. She shares her story below to raise ...

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Cardio 28th September 2023

Happiness is a new heartbeat

When Carole Railton was told that her fainting spells and severe breathlessness were symptoms of long COVID, something didn’t add up. Further investigation using medical technology revealed a complex heart condition. “It was about a year after I was ...

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Family 21st October 2022

Finding hope in a patient-driven approach to health data

Photo by Vicky Drachmann Danielle Drachmann has been creating awareness about pathological idiopathic ketotic hypoglycaemia since her children as well as herself were diagnosed.  This rare condition affects blood glucose and ketone levels within the body – potentially leading to life-threatening ...

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Cancer 11th October 2022


Anita Tucker was 31 with a one-year-old baby when medical technology flagged that she needed a pacemaker. A few years later, med tech came to her aid again, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now 46, Anita has not only been ...

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