Getting Checked 14th December 2016

Self-Tests Help Migrants Fight HIV

In the depths of America’s Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” His words ring true in today’s fight against HIV/AIDS, as social stigma still deters people from seeking ...

by Laurel Kenner

Getting Checked 8th September 2016

Superbugs: have we built kryptonite on Earth?

If you experienced heart failure or diabetes, fought HIV, underwent heavy surgery and survived, chances are that antibiotics have already saved your life. Since their discovery, antibiotics have been the equivalent of Superman on Earth: saving lives, giving hope, making ...

by Ioana Dobre

Family 6th September 2016

HIV in babies: diagnosis & denial

Early treatment with the latest anti-retroviral medication can have a profound impact on the lives of new-born babies with HIV. But a combination of social stigma and late diagnosis make prompt intervention a challenge in the Democratic Republic of Congo (...

by Gary Finnegan